Public Notice: Updated Procedures Documents Available

September 1, 2016

Following the procedures review announced in January 2016, NASD has released an updated edition of the Procedures documents. The September 2016 editions of the following Procedures documents are now applicable for visits in 2016-2017 through 2023-2024.

Institutions with visits scheduled during the 2016-2017 academic year and beyond that have begun the Self-Study writing process using the September 2008 edition need not change to the 2016 edition. However, it is recommended that these institutions review the 2016 edition for instructions/information that may clarify further the process and its requirements. Institutions are reminded that current standards found in the NASD Handbook and any current addenda should be used by institutions, and that the standards in force at the time of review will be used by visitors and the Commission.

NASD is grateful to all members and constituents for their engagement in the review process. We offer appreciation for your continuing attention to the standards and procedures review processes.