Selection of Visit Dates

After the team of visiting evaluators is confirmed, the dates of the on-site visit are arranged by the Institutional Representative of the applicant institution and the visiting evaluators. The minimum visit period is two full working days. Additional days and evaluators may be needed depending upon the size and scope of the institution. An institution may request additional days and/or team members.

The following visitation period is recommended:

  •  January 1 – May 1 for Commission action in September of the same academic year.
  • September 1 December 31 for Commission action in September of the next academic year.

Institutions wishing to use other schedules should contact the NASD staff. When specific dates for the visit have been finalized in consultation with the team, the institution shall notify the NASD staff of the visit dates.

For further information, see the Procedures for Institutions document (Section VIII. Selection of the Visit Dates).