Basic Competency Index

Basic Competency Index by Discipline and Specialization:
Undergraduate Degrees in Dance

A list of specializations for baccalaureate degrees in dance follows, with each linked to a parallel downloadable PDF enumerating detailed competencies for that specialization. In this way, users of these resources may download only the specific information of interest.

As a reference, the “Basic Competency Index by Discipline and Specialization” and an “Operational Standards Index by Discipline” for NASAD, NASM, and NAST may be found on the Council of Arts Accrediting Associations website.

Important Notes:

  • The lists of competencies are derived from accreditation standards for the professional and liberal arts undergraduate degrees in dance. Only the NASD Handbook in its entirety contains all standards and guidelines applicable to and used by all phases of NASD membership reviews.
  • In the competencies texts for each specialization, “H.” indicates the location of the excerpted text in the Handbook; the term “(All)” indicates standards applicable to all professional or liberal arts undergraduate degrees in the specified field including the specialization; “([Area of Specialization])” indicates specific standards for that major.
  • To see the full list of specializations, you may review or print the Table of Contents excerpt from the latest edition of the NASD Handbook.

Please note:

Creative Multidisciplinary Convergence and Technologies (CMCT): Competency and standards statements regarding various approaches to undergraduate study in these fields may be found in the NASD Handbook, Appendix I.B.