Call for Comment on NASD Procedures Documents

October 4, 2022

Call for Comment by December 15, 2022

NASD has begun a comprehensive review of its suite of accreditation Procedures documents, which were last published in September 2016 and are applicable through the 2023-2024 academic year.

This review includes the following NASD publications: Procedures for Institutions; Instructions for Preparing Curricular Tables in the NASD Format; Procedures for the Self-Study Document: Format A; Procedures for the Self-Study Document: Format B; Procedures for the Self-Study Document: Format C; Optional Supplemental Questions for Self-Study; Policies and Procedures for Reviews of New Curricula; and Procedures for Visiting Evaluators.

Consultation with a broad range of individuals is a critical part of this review. NASD invites your institution to participate in the review process. Please share this email with your faculty, students, staff, and administrators. We look forward to the participation of interested members of your institution.

Comments and suggestions about the documents under review are welcome and may be forwarded directly to Jenny Rebecca G. Kuhlmann, Management Associate for Communications and Publications, at The deadline for comment regarding these documents is December 15, 2022.

Should you or other individuals at your institution have questions about this process or the documents themselves, please contact Jenn Kuhlmann directly.

We offer appreciation in advance for your attention to the Procedures review process. The Association anticipates and is grateful for your participation and values the productive dialogue that will ensue.

Thank you for your consideration.