Official Notice: Dues and Fees for 2020-21

February 2020

Dues for the 2020-21 academic year have been determined by the Board of Directors.

Accredited Institutional members are invoiced annually on the first day of July.

In order to assist institutions with planning, the dues and fees schedule for 2020-21 appears below.

NASD Institutional Membership Dues 2020-21
    Independent Community and Precollegiate Schools with ACCPAS Accreditation
    (these institutions also pay an annual correspondence fee of $275 to ACCPAS)
    Postsecondary Professional Non-Degree-Granting Institutions $994
    Institutions with Graduate Degrees $1,180
    All Other Institutions $994
NASD Individual Membership Dues $75
Application Fees
     Each of the first two visits $500
     Each subsequent visit
           Institutions with graduate degrees $300
           All others $200
Substantial Equivalency Fees $1,758