Connections with Other Review Procedures

NASD encourages institutions to consolidate, coordinate, or correlate accreditation reviews with other internal or external reviews of the dance unit. The National Office staff will facilitate consolidation or coordination consistent with NASD procedures, and will do everything possible to help institutions and programs maintain a reasonable evaluation load and avoid duplication of effort. Requests in this regard should be made as early as possible in the application process, preferably at least two years in advance of the on-site visit. Specific protocols for each consolidation or coordination must be approved in advance of the visit by the NASD Executive Director.

Internal Reviews

NASD encourages consolidation and coordination with internal reviews. Note your request on the Notice of Intention to Apply form.

Joint and Concurrent Visits

If the institution wishes the NASD visit to be joint or concurrent with that of another accrediting agency, or if the institution wishes to schedule a joint visit with NASD for review of its community education division and its degree-granting program, the NASD National Office should be so informed on the Notice of Intention to Apply form. Preferably, this notice is preceded by a telephone call to the National Office.

When applicable, joint visits are encouraged for independent schools of dance. If the institution wishes the NASD evaluators to visit jointly for NASD and other accrediting agencies, the NASD National Office should be advised at the same time as the national office of the other accrediting body, and at least 18 months before the scheduled visit. Normally, at least one on-site NASD staff consultation and NASD staff presence during the visit are required for joint visits. Remember to note your request on the Notice of Intention to Apply form.

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

NASD and CAEP join in cooperation for the benefit of institutions. The standards of the two associations do not contradict one another. NASD reflects education accreditation status in its Directory listing of member institutions. CAEP’s policy regarding the review of dance education programs states:

“CAEP reduces the amount of evidence needed from programs accredited by other national specialized accreditors for inclusion in CAEP’s review of the education unit (school, college or department of education).”

CAEP accepts information from the following specialized accrediting organizations:

[Editor’s Note: The excerpt below omits the names of all organizations except the Reston-based arts accreditation associations represented by this website.]

For programs accredited by one of these organizations, CAEP requires units to present the official notice of accreditation from the other specialized accrediting organization. As necessary, CAEP may require the submission of additional information.

Coordination with Other Agencies: Non-Accreditation

NASD will coordinate with other agencies if requested to do so, and if feasible. Note your request on the Notice of Intention to Apply form and contact the National Office staff.