Compendium: NASD Advisories on Federal Issues

The advisories by NASD provide information on a number of federal regulations issued by the federal government over the past several years that affect institutions of higher education.

The advisories also include information on significant legislative and judicial actions related to these regulations and prospects for future regulatory development.

Full texts of the regulations may be found within the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Please note:

  • All questions regarding the interpretation of regulatory texts should be directed to government staff.
  • These advisories should not be viewed as official NASD interpretations of regulatory texts.
  • NASD and the other three arts accrediting associations — NASAD, NASM, and NAST — are autonomous specialized accrediting agencies. They are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; however, the accrediting associations themselves are not governmental agencies.
  • To the best knowledge of staff, the information provided in these advisories is current as of February 2016.
  • For further information regarding the relationship between accreditation and Title IV financial aid, please contact the NASD National Office staff.

Advisories (updated regularly as changes occur)