Brochures and Advisory Papers

Other Brochures and Advisory Papers

Accreditation Information for Faculty

NASD Advisory Papers on Transitions (A set of advisory papers for dancers wishing to make a career and/or educational transition. The following papers discuss issues that dancers may wish to consider in preparing for such changes.)

Advisory Regarding Credit Hour Requirements for the Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance

Characteristics of NASD Standards

Code of Good Practice for the Accreditation Work of NASD

Definitions of Membership and Membership Categories

Getting Your Bearings: An Introduction to NASD

How to Be an Official Institutional Representative to NASD

Information Brochure: NASD

NASD Institutional Representatives

The Master of Fine Arts Degree and Faculty Policies (A Statement of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, National Association of Schools of Dance, and National Association of Schools of Theatre)

Philosophy for Accreditation in the Arts Disciplines

Why NASD Institutional Membership is Important: An Overview for Collegiate Dance Faculty

Working Group on the Arts in Higher Education (WGAHE) Brochures