Committee on Nominations

Contact with the Committee on Nominations should be made through the NASD National Office.

The Committee on Nominations consists of five members including the Chair. Members of the Committee on Nominations must be affiliated with member institutions and shall be representative of different geographical areas, disciplines, and types of institutions. The Committee on Nominations shall have one member representing an institution with professional degree programs such as the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts; one member representing an institution having only liberal arts and/or academic degree programs such as the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy; and one member representing a school offering professional training that may or may not result in the awarding of a certificate.

NASD Committee on Nominations 2023-2024:

Sharon StoryChair (2024)
Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education

Julianne O’Brien (2024)
Chapman University

Megan Slayter (2025)
Western Michigan University

Angela M. Gallo (2026)
Coker University

Jodi Youmans-Jones (2026)
Casper College